Beijing Prime Human Resources Co., Ltd provides translation services for customers in order to return the support and trust of customers. The company has more than 20,000 professional translators from major research institutes and foreign language professionals with many years of translation experience. There are more than 300 voice interpreters. Based on the principle of "high quality and high efficiency, reasonable price, convenience and speed, and high confidentiality", we wholeheartedly provides high-level, professional and professional services for enterprises, institutions, research institutions, government departments, social groups and individuals Full range of translation services.

1.Project Analysis
After receiving the project, we first review the content of the text, calculate the word count, and make necessary cost estimates according to the needs of the client. For large-scale projects, we can pick up manuscripts for free, and assign an experienced project manager to be responsible for project implementation and coordination.

2.The selection of translators
For different projects, according to the professional scope and language expression environment, the company will select the best translators suitable for project translation in this field from the huge translation team to ensure the smooth completion of each project.

3. Translation
The company's project managers or supervisors have proficient business level and translation skills, and can ensure that the project is carried out in an orderly, harmonious and orderly manner. In order to maintain the translation quality and standardization of large-scale manuscripts, we have established a unified terminology management system and a glossary in line with specific industries and cultural backgrounds.

4. Double Proofreading
After the translation of the first draft, we will provide a second proofreading service. The proofreading team will double proofread the translations in both language and professional technology. This process will completely eliminate spelling, typing and grammatical errors, while maintaining appropriate wording and consistency.

5. Editing and Typesetting
Our company can handle all kinds of common latest application software freely. Whether it is a color booklet or a special format that requires page-to-page, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, we can make typesetting and do all prepress processing according to user requirements. Our staff is proficient in desktop publishing and editing in Chinese or foreign languages, so you have no worries.

6. Delivery
We can provide translations to clients via e-mail, as well as paper and disk or CD-ROM; large projects provide free pick-up and delivery services. We can quickly process anything from a 1-page letter to a manual with hundreds of pages. The time required for translation varies depending on the complexity of the file and the format involved. For manuscripts of 10,000-20,000 words, we can ensure that the manuscript is delivered the next day to meet the urgent needs of customers.

★Certificate translation includes ID card, passport, academic certificate, transcript, driver's license, company business license, birth certificate and household registration book and other documents translation;

★Professional translation: technology, law, finance, management, humanities, auto finance and other professional fields;

★Involved industries: medical, contract agreement, machinery, law, education and energy, etc.;

★Languages involved: English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Italian, etc.;

★Professional proofreading: senior translators in professional fields proofread articles to improve translation quality;

(1) Word count method: According to the "National Standard of the People's Republic of China: Translation Service Specifications" - "Word Counting Standards for Translated Manuscripts": the number of characters in the Chinese document shall prevail. space)", including text boxes, footnotes, and endnotes.
(2) The quotation unit is: RMB yuan/thousand Chinese characters. If a single translation document is less than one thousand words, it will be counted as one thousand words.
(3) The quotation is a general reference quotation. It is related to the difficulty of the document, the number of words, and the delivery period. The specific quotation and the price in other languages. For details, please